PVC windows – currently the best value-for-money choice


24 Nov, 2011 | Posts

eurotim pvc prozori i trenutno najbolji izbor uloženog i dobivenog
eurotim pvc windows currently the best value-for-money choice
eurotim pvc windows currently the best value-for-money choice

In recent years enormous importance has been attached to thermal insulation and energy saving, which is exactly why PVC windows have become the most interesting and popular. By installing low-energy PVC joinery with appropriate glazing, you are guaranteed considerable energy savings.

What is PVC?

Polyvinyl chloride – PVC for short – is a thermoplastic artificial material obtained from natural raw materials – salt and oil. PVC is produced in powder form through a series of production processes. PVC is one of the most flexible, economical and widely used synthetic materials with high durability.

Advantages of PVC joinery:

  • Strong and light – it is resistant to abrasion, lightweight, with excellent mechanical strength and toughness.
  • Easy to process – it can be easily cut, shaped, welded and joined into different shapes, due to these prooperties it has become almost irreplaceable in the production of windows, doors and other elements of construction joinery.
  • Long lasting – it is resistant to degradation, chemical rotting, corrosion, shock and abrasion. As a product, it is extremely appreciated by a wide range of users as it can be used for various products suitable for outdoor use.
  • Cost-effective – its physical and technical prooperties ensure an excellent price-quality ratio. As a material, it is very competitive in terms of price, and this value is only increased by its properties of durability, toughness and exceptionally low maintenance. When used in the production of joinery, it ensures great energy savings in heating and cooling of buildings.
  • Versatility – the physical properties of PVC allow designers a high degree of freedom in designing new products or building forms where PVC is used as replacement material or renovation material. PVC is the preferred material for advertising panels, window profiles and frames, running and standing water systems, cable insulation and many other applications.
  • Environmental impact – relatively little energy is consumed during the production of PVC, and also during the production of the final product. Thermoplastics can be recycled, after being sorted into a single sequence, and can also be used in the mix for recycled products. Factories that use recycled PVC or its mixture as the basic production material are built all over Europe. As such material is lighter, far less fuel is consumed and less harmful gases are generated during its transport.
  • Fire resistant – PVC is inherently fire resistant, and it stops burning when the source of fire is removed. Compared against the most common alternatives, PVC shows better properties in terms of combustibility, flammability, fire spread and heat release. The newly developed PVC formulations, e.g. FR-PVC, have significant benefits in terms of lower acid emissions, smoke generation and enhanced fire resistance.

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