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Privacy Policy

The protection and security of your personal data is the priority of our business. Please read the information provided on this page carefully! Feel free to contact us If you have any doubts or questions.

What does our Privacy Policy cover?


This Privacy Policy describes the private regulations for and applies solely to information collected through this website and the related web pages. The Privacy Policy includes the description of the following parameters:


  • The identifying personal data we collect from the visitors through this website, the way we use them and the third parties we share them with
  • The possibilities the visitor to the website has with the collected data
  • Security steps taken to protect your data
  • The way the visitor can correct the data provided


Information on personal data processing

The Company EURO TIM provides its customers and visitors via its website with information, documents, content and communication tools, such as contact forms and newsletters through different communication channels and forms.

The user or visitor is any person using the domain and website. Using implies surfing the website, sending queries through the existing contact forms and interacting with website elements and content.

The Company Euro Tim (hereinafter referred to as: the Service Provider) is the only owner of the collected data on the domain and website. The Service Provider has access to and collects solely the data a potential visitor submitted voluntarily through e-mail or some other direct contact form. The Service Provider does not sell or lease such data to any third party.

The collected data is used for the purpose of replying to the enquiries through the available communication channels. Provider’s company, except in cases where it is necessary for the purpose of responding to customers’ enquiries, such as the fulfilment of orders or transfer to the Service Provider’s distributors.

Unless the user or visitor refuses to receive notifications, the Service Provider will continue sending him news notifications, as well as notifications regarding discounts and promotions, the launching of new products and services and changes in the Privacy Policy.

Personal data controller


In performing its business activity, the Service Provider collects and processes personal data while respecting all the relevant laws and regulations. As Personal Data Controller, the Service Provider determines the purposes and means of personal data processing and is responsible for keeping and using personal data in paper and/or digital form. The Service Provider can also be a Personal Data Processor when processing personal data according to Personal Data Controller’s written instructions.

Contact information regarding personal data protection


Our customers and website visitors can contact the Service Provider concerning all the enquiries on personal data protection and the Privacy Policy via the following communication channels:

E-mail address :

Contact number : +385 (0)52 691 350

Access to and control over your information


Our customers and website visitors can opt out of receiving and contact form from the Service Provider at any time by contacting the Service Provider via e-mail or telephone.


Our customers and website visitors may:


– Request access to personal data the Service Provider collected from them, if any.

– Request correction or modification of data the Service Provider collected from them.

– Request deletion of data the Service Provider collected from them.

– Express concerns, wishes and criticism concerning the use of their data.

Personal information collection and use


The Service Provider collects and manages personal information for the purpose of informative, sales, B2B and B2C relationships for its own services and for the purpose of meeting the legal and regulatory obligations, as well as achieving his own legitimate interests of lawful business.

If the Service Provider is required to do so by the relevant laws and regulations, it will seek the customers’ and visitors’ explicit consent for particular uses of data.


The reasons for personal data processing may be the following:

  • Sales or provision of services
  • Sales and marketing activities of the Service Provider
  • Administration of contractual relations, invoices, quotations and schedules
  • Receiving and handling negative feedback, complaints and claims
  • Debt collection or forced debt recovery procedures

The reasons for processing your personal information based on legitimate interests are the following:

  • Informing users of changes in the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy
  • Fraud prevention and detection
  • Sales and administrative procedures

The Service Provider must obtain an additional consent for any other activities not covered by the aforementioned reasons. The users and visitors have the right to withdraw their consent at any time.

Personal information security


We take measures to protect the security of information of the users and website visitors. When using contact forms and logins to the website, the users’ and visitors’ information is protected both online and offline.

Communication between our website and the users takes place through a secure SSL encryption. The Server Provider recommends users to always check that the website address starts with https and that the padlock icon inside the address bar is closed.

All the necessary security measures have been undertaken also in the offline sphere of your data protection. The information collected online is provided only to specific and authorised persons who need the data for the purpose of administrative and contractual relations, while the computers and the server of the Service Provider are kept in a safe environment and are protected by antivirus software.

Embedded content from other websites


Specific notifications and website content may include embedded elements from other websites or service providers, such as videos, images, articles, etc. Such content behaves in the exact same way as if the visitor has visited the other website.

These websites may collect data about the user and the visitor, use cookies, embed additional third-party tracking, and monitor the interaction of the user, particularly if the user or visitor have their user accounts linked to these websites content. For example, a YouTube video embedded into the Service Provider’s website, with the user actively using his own YouTube user account opened and activated on the YouTube website.

Personal data sharing

As mentioned before, only the Service Provider has direct access to personal data of the users and visitors. In the event of administrative and sales activities, the Service Provider shares such data with the specific authorised employees within the Company. The Mailchimp service has a partial access to the data due to the usage of the newsletter system.

In the event of technical problems, the external service technicians may obtain a potential access to the personal data to ensure their protection or backup.

When concluding purchase contracts and agreements, the Service Provider may share specific personal data with the Distributor in order to make and close the sale or to direct the user or the visitor to Distributor’s contact form, in which case the Service Provider will no longer control or be liable for the user’s personal data; in turn, the Distributor, depending on his policy, will now control the data.

The Service Provider uses Google Font service to display fonts on its website, which leads to the collection of specific user cookies.

    The Service Provider also uses tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Tag Manager for marketing and analytical purposes. These mentioned tools also use cookies of their own kind, about which you can learn more in the next paragraph of our privacy policy.



    We use cookies on our website A cookie is a text file which is stored by a website accessed by the user or visitor on their devices (such as computer, tablet or smartphone). The Service Provider uses cookies to simplify and improve visitors’ access to the functions provided by the website.

    Cookies provide a more efficient access to the website thanks to the identification of returning users and website visitors. Cookies may also be used to track and target the Service Provider’s users’ interests thus enabling the Service provider to improve user experience on its website.

    Learn more about the Service Provider’s cookie policy by clicking on the following link:




    The Service Provider’s website includes links to other, external webpages. Users and visitors are encouraged to use the Internet responsibly. The Service Provider is not responsible for the content or privacy policy of these webpages or the processing of personal data on these webpages.

    The Service Provider recommends to its website users and visitors to use the Internet in a safe way when visiting other websites and to carefully read and examine their privacy policies in order to fully protect their personal data.

    Access to personal data:

    The Service Provider undertakes the necessary technical and organisational measures to process the collected personal information exclusively in accordance with the stated purpose. If necessary for the purpose of performing its business activities, the Service Provider will allow access to personal data to the following third parties:


    • Government and public authorities having a right to access personal data for the purpose of implementing legal obligations,
    • Lawyers, service centres, financial institutions,
    • Printing houses and other business partners.

    All these entities, except Government and public authorities, may process personal information solely according to instructions of the Service Provider, whose priority is to protect the personal data of its users and visitors.

    Personal data processing:

    The personal user data are processed within the European Economic Area (EEA) by the Service Provider, who is responsible for their safekeeping and the preservation of their confidentiality, in the way defined by the contractual relationship and in accordance with all the technical and organisational measures and legal regulation governing data protection.


    The personal data of our users and website visitors the Service provider has collected will be accessible only to persons authorised by the Service Provider.


    Exercise of rights


    When provided by law, users and website visitors have the right to be informed about their personal data processing, to withdraw the consent at any time if the collected data were submitted with their consent, to amend personal data to maintain their accuracy, to delete personal data when they are no longer needed, to file a claim to the Service Provider or to the competent national authority.

    The Service Provider provides communication channels to all interested parties enabling them to exercise their rights related to personal data protection by making a request with a valid user identification:

    E-mail address :

    Contact number : +385 (0)52 691 350


    Storage of personal data


    The storage period of the personal data of users and visitors depends on the purpose for which the data are processed. Data collected for the sending of quotations for information purposes or providing information can be stored for an additional period of 12 months from the date of conducting the communication activity, while the data collected for the purpose of processing on a legal basis are stored in accordance with the time limits set out by the provisions of the law concerned (such as the Accounting Act, etc.)

    Specific cookies may also have a longer storage period. Learn more about the storage of cookies on the Cookie Policy webpages.


    Updating personal data processing information


    The Service Provider regularly reviews and updates information on personal data processing according to changes in his own business processes and in line with legal and regulatory obligations. The applicable version of the information on personal data processing is available on the website.

    In the event of significant changes considerably affecting personal data processing, the Service Provider will promptly publish the related information on the website, directly informing the users through a newsletter or via direct e-mail contact.

    Further useful documents:

    Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority


    In addition to the right to lodge a complaint to the personal data processing with the Service Provider, a complaint on personal data processing may be lodged with the Personal Data Protection Agency:


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