How to clean aluminium and PVC joinery


9 Nov, 2012 | Posts


Proper cleaning of PVC and Aluminium joinery from dust and rain consists in using a mild detergent and a soft cloth. Windowpanes are best cleaned with clean, warm water and a chamois leather cloth for window cleaning.

If you clean the glass with a mild glass cleaning detergent, you can use that same detergent to wash the profiles.

Please be careful not to use:

• aggressive detergents, cleaning solvents or thinners.

• scouring agents.

• any tools such as spatulas, scrub brushes, harsh sponges.

Maintenance of window fittings includes lubrication of the moving parts of the fittings with oil at least once a year.

Seals (rubber) are cleaned by washing them with water and applying silicone care products.

Please note that the protective foil on the PVC and aluminium profiles must be removed immediately after the installation of the window or within 3 months at the latest. Leaving the foil in place for longer than that can cause it to bake on to the surface under heat and direct sunlight conditions, and then it cannot be easily removed.

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