Expansion of capacity and strengthening of competitiveness of the Company Euro Tim Ltd.

21. March 2018.
Posted by EUROTIM

Project title: Expansion of capacity and strengthening of competitiveness of the Company Euro Tim Ltd.

Beneficiary: EURO TIM Ltd.
Project value: 671.850,00 kn
Grant amount: 290.000,00 kn

Project objectives: The general objective of the project is to enable the strengthening of competitiveness and the acquisition of a larger market share by investing in the necessary equipment. The project will address the current factors limiting the Company’s growth (insufficient technical and human resources) and will create the necessary preconditions for further growth of the Company in all segments. Furthermore, the investment will result in the creation of new jobs and an increase in the Company’s income.

“Procurement of a plastic injection moulding machine, a dryer for extracting moisture, a hopper loader, and a plastic grinding mill”

Type of procurement: Goods
Date of publication: 27 September 2017.
Deadline for submission of tenders: Not later than18 October 2017 at 10:00 local time.

Download links:

Procurement notice_EURO TIM Ltd.
Tender documentation_EURO TIM Ltd.
ANNEX IV. Technical specification

The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Fund for Regional Development.
The content of this material is the sole responsibility of the Company EURO TIM Ltd.

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