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20 Aug, 2014 | Posts


Energy efficiency, in addition to protecting the environment, also saves you money. Since a large amount of heat is often lost through exterior joinery, it is time to learn more about energy-efficient joinery.

Windows and heat loss

A lot of heat is often lost through windows, and one layer of glass is by no means enough to prevent this loss; that is why double-glazed windows are most often used. On the other hand, triple-glazed windows are installed in passive houses designed to consume minimal energy.

In addition, windows that provide good insulation will make it impossible for liquid to condense on the inside of the glass, since, owing to good insulation, the temperature of the glass is not lower than the temperature of the interior space.

Various forms of protection

‘low-E coating – low-emission coating: Through the development of technology, an attempt is made to minimize heat loss through window surfaces. A coating of invisible metal oxide, the so-called ‘low-E coating’ reduces heat loss through the surface of the glass and is completely transparent.

noble gases – argon: In order to improve the quality of insulation, the noble gas argon, which is sandwiched between two layers of glass, will provide even greater thermal insulation.

The quality of manufacturing and assembly greatly affects energy efficiency: When it comes to saving energy, the correct installation of joinery is particularly important, as it will impact the quality of insulation and the longevity of the joinery. First of all, the joints between the window profiles and the walls must be well made to avoid transfer of heat and prevent formation of mould due to surface condensation.

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