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Cookie policy

In order for the website to operate properly, a small amount of data in the form of cookies must be saved to the user’s or visitor’s device (PC, tablet, smartphone). In addition to allowing the proper and continuous operation of the website, they are used for further improvements of user experience and the website while browsing the website content.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is information stored on the user’s and visitor’s devices by a website they visit. Cookies usually save the users’ and visitors’ website settings, such as the preferred language. When the user visits the same website again, the Internet browser will send back the cookies belonging to the website. This enables the website to show the information tailored to the users’ needs.

Cookies can save a large amount of information, including personal data (such as an e-mail address or name). However, such information can be saved only if the user enables the website to do so – a website cannot obtain access to the data that the website user or visitor did not provide, and cannot access any other files on the user’s and visitor’s device.

The users and visitors can enable the Internet browser settings for the cookies on their own, or they can completely refuse cookie saving. Users can delete the existing cookies or enable the automatic deletion of the cookies when closing the web browser in the settings.

Most websites on the Internet use this policy, but according to EU regulation dated 25 March 2011, receiving users’ and visitors’ consent is required before saving the cookies. By using all the domain websites all the users and visitors accept the use of cookies. With the cookies blocked one is still able to browse the website and its content, but some of the features may not be available, affecting the quality of the user’s experience.

How to disable cookies?

By enabling or disabling cookies one can decide whether to allow or prevent the saving of cookies on his devices and browsers. Cookie settings can be controlled and configured within your browser. For more information on cookie settings for the specific browser, please visit the following links:


Disabling of the cookies may affect the functionality of specific website features while browsing them.

What are session cookies?

Session cookies are removed from your device when you close your Internet browser. The websites use them to store temporary data.

What are persistent cookies?

The persistent or stored cookies remain on the device when you close your web browser. Websites use them to store data, such as your account login name and password, so you do not need to re-enter your password and username every time you visit the website. Persistent cookies will remain on your device for days, months, even years, depending on the type and preferences of cookie settings.

What are first-party cookies?

The first-party cookies are directly stored by the website you visit and can be either persistent or session cookies. Websites use them to store the data that will be used again when you visit the same website again.

What are third-party cookies?

Third-party cookies come with ads, services or programming processes of other websites and service platforms (such as pop-up ads and analytical tools used for website traffic tracking) found on a specific website. Using such cookies, visits to the website can be tracked, mostly for marketing purposes.

Does this website use cookies?

Yes, it does, primarily for the purpose of providing an improved website user experience and facilitating communication.

What kind of cookies does this website use and why?

    Session Cookies

    These are temporary cookies which expire and are automatically deleted when you close your web browser. Session cookies provide access to the website content.


    Persistent Cookies

    They usually have a far future expiration date and will remain in the browser until they expire or until they are permanently deleted. Persistent cookies provide a better insight into the users’ habits, enabling the website to improve its features and tailor them to the users’ and visitors’ habits. This information is anonymous, that is, the individual personal data are not visible.

    Does the website have third-party cookies?

    There are external services storing the limited duration cookies on the user’s device. These cookies are not set up by the website, and some of them are used for a regular performance of the features facilitating users’ access to the web content, such as Google fonts which enable the use of fonts from Google – the third-party service provider, and store cookies themselves. Among others, the currently available ones are:


    • Social media


    Sharing websites on social media usually implies the setting up of specific cookies. The website uses Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Instagram as social media services, and it is likely that it will also use Pinterest and other popular and established social media platforms and networks.


    • Website traffic measurement


    The website uses the cPanel web hosting service tool which contains website traffic measurement tools.

      If the user or visitor wishes to disable the specific services to store cookies, he can block them on the following link, following the instructions: Link!

      List of applied cookies

        Third-party cookies for fonts, marketing, analytics and anti-spam protection

        Google Tag Manager service

        Additional information on disabling cookies:

        Currently, there are several websites and tools used for blocking the cookies from storing data for different services. For more information, visit the following links:


        The user or visitor can subsequently change the website cookie settings by modifying the cookie settings inside his web browser.

        Do you have any questions concerning cookie policy?


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