Euro Tim is introducing a completely new product line in the renewable energy sector under the name SOLAR – a complete system of aluminium substructure for installing solar panels.

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eurotim SOLAR modular instalation of solar panels

A modern solution

For all types of solar panel installations

The SOLAR system is a modern and comprehensive solution with accessories for all types of installations of solar panels and for the construction of small, medium and large capacity solar power plants.


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Implement solar panels in different ways

SOLAR modular system

A comprehensive solution

No limitations

The SOLAR system can be installed on all types of base structures, flat and sloping roofs, vertical walls and façades, as well as on the ground.

Maximum load of 150 kg/m2

Panel thickness from 30 to 40 mm

Unlimited number of panels or installation sizes

eurotim solar modular sytems solar panels


adaptive system

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