Plastic injection moulding

Our wide range of services also offers top-quality plastic injection moulding service according to the highest production standards.
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Plastic injection moulding

Top quality manufacturing

Injection moulding is the process of production of parts required in manufacturing by forcing melted material into moulds. Injection moulding can be done using a variety of materials that mostly include metals.


In this phase, the material for the moulding of the desired part is loaded into a heated tube, mixed and then injected into a mould cavity, where it cools and hardens to the desired configuration.

Distinctive features of our approach

Adaptable manufacturing

Professional and reliable manufacturing
In our production, we use the safest machines from the renowned manufacturer Arburg
High-quality polyamide granules
Only high-quality polyamide granules are in the manufacturing to achieve optimal results
Great versatility of the product
We can adapt our production to your technical needs by creating a unique mould

Modern methods

Diverse injection moulding

Plastic injection moulding is the most common modern method of manufacturing plastic parts. It is ideal for the production of large quantities of the same item. We currently possess over 150 moulds for plastic injection.

Thanks to the cutting-edge technology and equipment, we are able to meet all the demands set by our clients within an optimum timeframe.

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