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EURO TIM is always searching for new partners, distributors and manufacturers who have realized and recognized the quality of our products and the competencies of our business.


We invite potential partners to visit us individually at our head office or at our warehouse locations to learn about the entire certified work process firsthand.

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What do you achieve by cooperating with us?

Business cooperation with our Company is not merely a signed contract, but a continuous process and development of the entire joint business. It is our wish to grow together and to adequately adapt to every emerging opportunity to our mutual satisfaction.


Of the many benefits that our partners enjoy, we can single out the following 4 main elements.

Access to affordable and excellent quality

We identify business and logistical solutions which will enable the reduction of our mutual costs

Access to technical details

You will be able to view technical plans and documents related to joint projects

Professional and reliable partner

Our extensive experience has brought us knowledge and skills that we will gladly share with you

Priority work and logistics

We take care of our partner’s projects, giving them priority in delivering top quality at the right time



Feel completely safe with a partner who, with its optimality and efficiency, has been a leading authority in its field of expertise for 20 years.

How can we help your business?

With our selection of materials and our own production of key elements, we represent a dependable partner you can rely on in all your modern and traditional projects.

Why invest in the EUX brand?

Our EUX brand has become a leading authority in the world of shutters and fittings. The brand closely follows but also sets trends in the world of modern and traditional architecture and finds its application in all forms of building projects.

Do you want a sample of our products?

If you wish to receive a sample of our products, please contact us to arrange a shipment. Alternatively, we invite potential partners to visit us in person and see for themselves the quality of our production and final products by touring the Company and talking to us in a pleasant atmosphere.

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