Automation of the Company EURO TIM Ltd.

30. April 2021.
Posted by EUROTIM

Project title: Automation of the Company EURO TIM Ltd.
Project beneficiary: EURO TIM Ltd.

Project description: The Company Euro Tim Ltd. has been operating successfully since its establishment and continuously progresses in all areas of business operations, increases its production and expands its business operations A prerequisite for further development is the achievement of high production quality with technologically advanced machines and efficient production processes which rationalise production costs. Limited technological capacities currently make it impossible to increase the number of production units of products that customers require.

The mentioned restrictions are the basis on which the Company has decided to implement the investment to improve better business operations and organization of the Company and enable further development and growth of income, profit and employment.

Objectives and expected results of the project: The implementation of this project addresses the negative aspects of the underlying situation by investing significant resources in the purchase of machinery which will automate a large part of business processes, increase production rate, reduce errors and ensure a higher quality product, as well as enable more production units to be produced in a shorter period of time and simplify the way of working for employees thus creating additional room for lowering the sale price of products.

Vrijednost projekta: 919.113,74 €
Iznos bespovratnih sredstava: 265.536,86 €
Razdoblje provedbe projekta: 01. ožujka 2021. godine do 01. listopada 2022. godine
Kontakt osoba za više informacija: Emil Hrvatin

The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Fund for Regional Development.

“The content of the communication is the sole responsibility of Euro team Ltd.”

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Notification of completion of project

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