Aluminium profiles with interrupted and continuous thermal bridges


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At Euro Tim, you can order windows and doors made of high-quality aluminium profiles at extremely reasonable prices.

Aluminium profiles are widely used in construction and are highly valued owing to their properties. They are of high quality, provide the necessary strength and load-bearing capacity, and the elements made of aluminium profiles are statically stable. Furthermore, aluminium profiles ensure heat and sound insulation, resistance to air and water, all this combined with contemporary design.

There are two basic types of aluminium profiles:

  • Aluminium profiles without an interrupted thermal bridge – “cold profile”
  • Aluminium profiles with an interrupted thermal bridge

Aluminium profiles without interrupted thermal bridge – cold profile

Aluminium profiles without interrupted thermal bridge (cold profiles) are used where the passage of heat is not important, i.e. for internal joinery and partitions (for example a system of several separate offices on a single floor of an office building) where no difference in temperature occurs on either side.

They can also be installed in spaces which are not heated, such as: boiler rooms, garages, corridors, basements, and similar.

With such profiles, there is a possibility of condensation in the form of water vapour appearing on the inside of the window.

Aluminium profiles with interrupted thermal bridge

The producers of aluminium profiles with which we cooperate produce several series of aluminium profiles with an interrupted thermal bridge. Within a certain type (in this case, it is profiles with an interrupted thermal bridge), series differ in thickness, size and, most importantly, thermal and other physical properties of the target aluminium product, i.e. doors, windows, etc.

Series can sometimes be combined. Combining different series in one product, on the other hand, forces us to make certain compromises to the detriment of the appearance or functionality of aluminium products (windows, doors, walls.)

Profiles with an interrupted thermal bridge possess the properties of high quality, strength, load-bearing capacity and aesthetic design, but also the distinguishing feature, namely the thermal insulating property.

The profiles consist of two parts connected by an insulating material – a polyamide rod. This prevents the transfer of heat from the inside to the outside and vice versa. The elements made from these profiles and in combination with the appropriate insulating filling material (glass, panel, etc.), are thermally insulated.

These profiles are used for those elements and typologies that must satisfy thermal insulation requirements and are used for residential buildings, renovations, etc.

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