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19 Dec, 2011 | Posts

eurotim aluminijska stolarija

Aluminium is a high-value material used in many industrial branches and with a growing demand on the world markets. Today, aluminium is widely used both in the design of exterior facades of office buildings and in the design of windows and doors of family houses.

Aluminium is a natural material characterized by high resistance to temperature and to the action of water and wind (corrosion); it is strong and durable and allows for precise manufacturing and processing. Refined by the achievements of today’s technology, its value is exceptional, it is easy to install and does not require any further maintenance other than cleaning.

The excellent features of aluminium joinery meet the high standards of today’s market for quality joinery that requires minimum maintenance. The strength of aluminium profiles ensures the statics and stability of the installed elements. They are extremely lightweight and ensure a long service life of the installed elements. Another particularly important feature of these profiles is that they allow for thermal energy savings. The choice of colours and decor is much larger compared to PVC windows and doors, while due to its weight and physical and mechanical properties, it is possible to make larger openings compared to PVC.

Advantages of aluminium joinery:

  • Long service life – durability of materials, colours and built-in systems lasting many years.
  • Versatility – a large choice of colours enables the fulfilment of various wishes and is a big advantage in improving the appearance of any profiles.
  • Lightweight – extremely light, thus can be used to create larger profiles for business premises, etc.
  • High degree of thermal and sound insulation – provides effective protection against temperature changes and weathering, which enables significant energy savings by reducing heat losses and optimizing heat transfer, and at the same time means significant savings in heating and air conditioning costs.
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance – maintenance is simple and easy due to the extremely smooth surfaces and durability of the material and finishing. It is enough to occasionally wipe the frames with a wet cloth, while aluminium profiles can be washed with a little detergent and warm water.
  • Impact on the environment – the material is ecologically justified as it is of natural origin, can be completely recycled and does not have a negative impact on the environment and human health.
  • Resistance to atmospheric agents and great durability – compared to wood and PVC.

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